About Injaia

Injaia [in-y-ahy-uh]
1. a word based on a bad text to speech pronunciation of the Latin word for fiery
2. an Australian based mobile software company created by Dr Iain McManus

About Injaia

I started Injaia a short time ago to pursue my dream of creating interesting and quality apps and games. I have released two apps for iOS: Contractor’s Little Helper and Travel Money Tracker. And a third app is currently under development.

Both apps were created due to a lack of satisfaction with the existing apps in the app store. There were apps that provided similar functionality but not quickly or simply. When I use an app I want it to work first time, every time and I want it to be fast to use.

That sums up what I want to provide with the apps from Injaia. High quality apps that are fast and simple to use. Apps that let you do what you need to do then get out of your way so you spend your time how you want rather than wrestling with an app.

It is still early days with Injaia and the focus is on supporting, extending and improving the existing apps. All of the updates for the apps will be free. As long as there are interesting, and relevant, new features or improvements to the apps they will be made and will be free. I see providing free updates as a way to thank  you for purchasing the apps, or downloading if you were lucking to get in for one of the sales. I am not a fan of in-app purchases and will never add them to existing apps. I may consider a very limited range of in-app purchases (eg. a single upgrade to a pro version) for new apps but it is not a decision I will make lightly.

About Dr Iain McManus

I am based in Brisbane, Australia and started working full time on Injaia after Irrational Games wound down at the start of the year. Before Irrational I also worked at 2K Australia, Leica Geosystems and The Creative Assembly (Australia).

If you would like to learn more about me I main a blog at IainTheIndie.com where I share both technical resources (source code from my apps and tools) and advice based on my experience with promoting my apps.