First update for My Little Accountant is nearly ready!

The first major update to My Little Accountant is nearly finished and is scheduled for release this month. The response so far to My Little Accountant has been great and because of that the professional edition upgrade will remain free until June! The first update adds some great new features, in particular:

  • New Spending Breakdown vs Time Report
    • This report will let you see how your spending per category, and your total spending, is changing over time.
  • New Batch Report Export Feature (Professional Edition only)
    • Do you want to generate a set of monthly Profit & Loss reports for the last year? Now you can!
    • Do you want to see how your week in review report has changed over time? Now you can!
    • The Batch Report Export option is available for every report and allows you to select both the time range and the interval (eg. monthly, weekly, daily or automatic).
    • The exported reports can be emailed, uploaded to Dropbox or printed.
  • New Security Options
    • The screen is now automatically blurred when you leave My Little Accountant to provide a basic level of security.
    • You can now enable a pass code and TouchId (on compatible devices) to further increase the security of your data.
  • Miscellaneous Improvements and Bugfixes
    • Graphs have been improved to reduce the amount of wasted space so you can see more.
    • Fixed bug that caused some exported graphs to be a lower resolution on iPhone.
    • Data exported as a CSV file now also includes any item or receipt images.

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