November 2015 Update

The last update was a few months ago now. This update though is the first of what will now be monthly updates. In this post (and the regular updates) I will provide an overview of where all of the apps are at and what is next for each of them.

What’s coming up next for the apps?

The update to My Little Accountant that fixes some minor bugs and adds in a new report is currently being finalised. That update will be submitted to Apple before the end of the month and will be available early December at this point.

The minor update to Travel Money Tracker to add iCloud support has been postponed until after the next Contractor’s Little Helper update. Contractor’s Little Helper has the greater need for updates currently which is why it has been bumped up in the schedule.

The major update for Contractor’s Little Helper is still underway. However, it has been delayed for a few months as a result of time commitments to my main job. It is still very much on the priority list and I am aiming for a March release at this point.

As the changes to Contractor’s Little Helper take clearer shape I will dedicate a specific post to all of the changes and show you what the major update is going to look like.

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