Support Ending in September 2017

It’s been a long time since my last post and as you can probably tell from the title there are some major changes happening. A month ago I released an update for My Little Accountant, Travel Money Tracker and Contractor’s Little Helper. That update improved iOS 10 compatibility and updated Dropbox to support the latest API. That update is also unfortunately going to be the last update for any of the apps.

Why is this happening?

Time, in particular not enough of it. The apps have been something that I do on top of my regular fulltime job. As such there hasn’t been much time to devote to them and that means the apps have not been able to be maintained and updated to the level I would have liked. This year in particular I’ve also started more actively pursuing returning to making games. Making games, in particular meaningful games, has always been my passion and that’s where I feel I need to spend my time rather than on apps.

What’s the timeline?

The final update for all of the apps has already been rolled out and a notification has been added to all the apps (plus website) regarding the dropping of support. In June/July (once I’m confident everyone is updated) I will remove the apps from sale. That won’t prevent people using the app and (according to Apple) shouldn’t prevent people who have purchased it reinstalling it. In September the support pages for the app will be shutdown.

Final words

Thankyou to everyone! Thankyou to everyone who has used the apps or written reviews of them. Thankyou to my friends and family for their help and support. Keep an eye out for the games I’ll be releasing here.


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