What’s next in 2015?

What's next in 2015?

It’s been a long time since the last update and it’s high time I update everyone on what is happening and what will be happening with Injaia. It’s a tale of updates, new features and positioning for the future!

What’s Currently Happening?

Right now and over the next week minor updates are rolling out across all three apps. These updates fix some recently discovered bugs. They also fix compatibility issues with iOS 9. The next version of iOS is widely expected to be released around the middle of September. Apple are currently on the fifth beta release and they rarely have more than 5 or 6 betas before release.

iOS 9 is looking to be a very smooth release at this point (for both developers and customers). The number of changes that impact existing apps has been very low for iOS 9 in comparison to previous releases. The few issues that were found have been fixed and the updates are now rolling out. At the time of publication of this post both Contractor’s Little Helper and Travel Money Tracker are now iOS 9 ready. The iOS 9 compatibility update for My Little Accountant should roll out in the next couple of days.

What’s Happening Next?

Is a very good question that I have been trying to answer myself. My time on the apps has been shorter than usual this year as I have been teaching game development four days a week. However, I don’t plan to abandon the apps. It just means progress will be slower.

My aim for by the end of the year is to roll out the following updates:

  • Minor update to My Little Accountant adding a new (and free) report and fixing some minor bugs.
  • Minor update to Travel Money Tracker to prepare for adding iCloud support.
  • Major update to Contractor’s Little Helper to position it for the future (more on that below).

What’s the Major Update for Contractor’s Little Helper?

The backstory on this change is that Contractor’s Little Helper was the first app I released (though not my first project by a long shot). As such the way some things are done in Contractor’s Little Helper makes it more work to maintain than it’s newer siblings (in particular My Little Accountant). It’s long overdue to start modernising sections of Contractor’s Little Helper.

From a user perspective very little will change. The vast majority of the changes will be unseen ones that improve how it works under the hood to make it easier for me to add and improve features. There will be some user facing changes to improve areas where the interface is confusing or more complicated than it needs to be. No features will be removed but there may be several updates that don’t visibly appear to change anything.

The first area to modernise will be the settings screen. I’m going to bring across many of the changes from My Little Accountant which will give a better user experience on both iPad and iPhone. While also making it easier for me to extend or modify the settings screen. As part of that I will also be adding in some user requested changes.

Over time my plan is to modernise all aspects of the code for Contractor’s Little Helper finally culminating in it being tagged as version 2.0. That version will be an update to the existing version. It will not be a separate release on the app store. My view is progressive updates is my way of thanking customers for having bought the app in the first place.

What’s Beyond?

Is an interesting question. I have a range of areas I am considering. My various plans (in no particular order) are currently looking like this:

  • Add iCloud support to Travel Money Tracker
  • Add iPad support to Travel Money Tracker
  • Investigate Apple Watch support in Travel Money Tracker and My Little Accountant
  • A new app I have been slowly working on the plan for (that will be 2016)
  • A game I have also been working on the plan for (also 2016)

If you have any features that you would like to see or suggestions for the existing apps then please leave a comment below or use one of the feedback forms on the apps pages.

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